Currently the child care industry is suffering from 30% and above turnover rates in licensed facilities. This forces many organizations to spend tens of thousands of dollars each year to recruit, screen, train, and maintain staffing levels with quality professionals that are outlined and monitored by the Department of Children and Families. The Education Team, Inc. is a dynamic, high-energy organization that specializes in recruiting, screening, and placing the most qualified child care professionals into schools.

The Education Team offers solutions to meet all of these daily challenges. We alleviate your short and/or long term staffing frustrations providing you with priceless time to focus on the children and families who put their trust in you everyday. With The Education Team, you'll receive fully screened and pre-qualified childcare professionals of the highest quality. Background screenings are completed and provided to meet state and county licensing requirements. In addition, we provide drug screening, performance evaluations, and training to all of our child care professionals.

We have 3 staffing/placement programs in place. Click on each to learn even more:


    • Emergency Substitute – When faced with a short-term emergency (teacher, director, cook, any staff calls out sick for the day) we are able to provide experience, credentialed, child care professionals to fill in for your regular staff. We are usually able to produce a substitute professional at your location within an hour.
    • Substitute to Extend – Substitute to extend employees are able to convert to your permanent staff after 90 days (or 480 hours) of working. This option allows you to really assess the performance of an employee to ensure that they fit your centers needs before conversion.
    • Direct Placement – We can provide a direct hiring need for a specific position you are looking for.

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