Our Services - Schools


As a staffing firm focused exclusively on education, The Education Team understands what is required of teachers.  Our recruiters know what to look for in a substitute teacher and have often been teachers themselves.

Education Team Recruiters are fully trained on all state credentials and requirements and all of our substitute teachers undergo rigorous screening and evaluation before being hired. While the details vary from state to state, our teachers always meet or exceed state requirements and carry the documentation to prove it with them on every assignment.

We provide substitutes for assignments as short as half a day or as long as all school year. We bill by the hour and you only pay for the hours that the substitute is actually at your school.  Call 213-986-4718 now to get our current hourly rates.  Our call center is open from 6AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday. 

Our substitute teachers are employees of The Education Team, and we handle everything including payroll processing, payroll taxes, benefit costs, workers’ compensation insurance, liability insurance, and all related human resources functions. Using our services is as simple and picking up the phone to request a substitute and then signing their timecard at the end of each day.  We handle everything else.

We can also help you fill your permanent positions.  If you are impressed by one of our substitutes you can hire them into a permanent position for a small one-time placement fee.


No. With The Education Team there are no surprises. We bill by the hour for the time the teacher spends at the school. There are no extra taxes, surcharges or hidden fees. There is no minimum usage requirement either.

Call us at 213-986-4718. We have a simple, one-page, service agreement. Once that is signed, you just call us to submit your request for a teacher.

Our call center is staffed live from 6 AM until 7 PM, Monday through Friday.

Yes. We run fingerprint background checks of both FBI and state criminal history databases. The same background checks that are required for public school teachers.

We do. Our teachers are W-2 employees of The Education Team.

Yes. Our teachers are employees of The Education Team, not independent contractors. As such, we provide workers’ compensation insurance and handle all payroll taxes and benefits.

Yes. We have extensive insurance coverage including $2,000,000 general liability and $2,000,000 professional liability (also known as completed product liability). We also have $1,000,000 abuse and molestation coverage.

No. For liability reasons our teachers are strictly prohibited from transporting children.

Yes. We have many teachers on assignments for a full semester or even the full school year.

Yes. If you like one of our substitutes, you may hire them with the payment of a placement fee to The Education Team.